The Cricket World Cup came to England in the summer of 2019.

Although I haven't shown a huge interest in cricket in the past, this seemed a good time to start paying attention - England were branded as pre-tournament favourites: Cricket could be coming home!

I therefore set out to rethink the Cricket Scorecard and how to visualise the most important elements of the game. The idea was to be able to tell the story of a particular match through a series of consistent and well presented charts. Read the story about the design process & the different elements of the visualised scorecard below. 

I hope you've enjoyed the story behind visualising the cricket scorecard! I welcome any feedback (especially from those that know cricket alot better than myself).

If you're interested in any of the specific technical details behind the R, Tableau or Design of the scorecard, please feel free to get in touch below or on Twitter (@sportschord). 

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