Should Vettel be considered an F1 great and was his time at Ferrari a failure?

A visual analysis of Sebastian Vettel’s career in numbers and charts.

“Numero uno is back, Ferrari is back.”

Sebastian Vettel had just won the 2015 Malaysian Grand Prix, his second race with the Italian racing giants Ferrari since joining them from Red Bull Racing.

“Grazie, grazie. Forza Ferrari”

Race Winners 2015–2019. Hamilton has won 50% of F1 races since 2015.
Race wins by age: Vettel became the youngest F1 race winner & pole-sitter in 2008, a record that Max Verstappen broke in 2016.
Vettel’s cumulative win trajectory changed dramatically on joining Ferrari
At a high level, Vettel’s performance with Ferrari and Red Bull was very similar.
The shape of Vettel’s results: a histogram per season shows more 1st place finishes at Red Bull and more lower points finishes at Ferrari.
Ferrari points total vs eventual winners (in this case Mercedes in all 5 years).
Moving average of finishing position: Vettel’s title challenges with Ferrari in 2017 & 2018 unravelled in the mid part of the season.
Cumulative points per season for Hamilton (teal) and Vettel (red). In 2017 & 2018 Vettel’s title challenge unravelled after the mid point in the season.
Vettel’s points scored vs team mates at Red Bull (left) and Ferrari (right)
Race wins: Vettel & Hamilton’s contrasting fortunes from 2015 to present.
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